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10 Best Tablets Under $300 of 2018

If you are looking to buy a tablet but you are on a budget and the latest releases aren’t within your reach, this is the place for you! In this short article, we will present the best tablets in the market that won’t burn through your wallet.

10 Best Smartphones Under $200 of 2018

When it comes to smartphones, we know who’s the best of the best, right? Samsung and Apple flagships are more than enough to make phone junkies’ jaws drop, but their cost is to par. These phones are the top dogs on the market and they cost a

Best Stylus for Drawing 2018

Every artist worth his money needs to have a set of proper quality tools to make art. And this also applies for those who express themselves digitally. This means that you have to have a good quality tablet to draw on, but it means that you need

10 Best Landline Phones 2018

Those of you who set out in search of the best landline phone probably need one. The rest of us, however, are wondering whether or not the even exist anymore! Of course they exist! However, the world of cell phones is gradually overtaking the world of landlines,

6 Best Tablets for Seniors 2018

If you’re interested in buying the best tablet for seniors then there are certainly some great options out there for you. Here we take an in-depth look at our top six picks for the mature-aged users and go into a detailed review on our top three favorites.

10 Best Tablets Under $150 of 2018

The internet wants you to believe that in order to have a good tablet experience, you need to get an iPad; however, that’s not entirely true. While the iPad is a great tablet, it is not the be all and end all for a great tablet experience.

10 Best Drawing Tablets 2018

In today’s day and age, there’s no denying that computer technology has become an integral part of our lives. This holds true in almost every aspect of a human’s life, including arts and crafts. Modern artists often pertain to using digital options for creating their art, rather

10 Best Stylus for iPad Air 2018

Using a stylus might be something that you are considering because of the precision they offer or because they can make navigating an iPad easier. For whatever reason you are seeking the best stylus for iPad Air, you, of course, want to get the one that meets

10 Best Flip Phones 2018

“A flip phone? Do these even exist anymore?” will probably be the first question after you tell someone that you own one. However, flip phones persist even in the smartphone-saturated market, and they seem to keep on coming. Indeed, the popularity of flip phones is on the

Best 10-Inch Tablet Under $200 of 2018

There are so many options to choose from, sizes and then price points to consider that the entire prospect of getting another electronic device can be overwhelming. Once you have landed on a size that will fit your needs and have chosen a budget, the rest of