10 Best Android Controllers 2018

If you’re in the market for the best android controller then you’ll love our list below. Having the best controller enables you to fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience and enjoy the game, without the risk of missing shots and timings. Some of the best controllers even charge your phone whilst you play!

Things to Consider

The main consideration of an android controller is battery life. There is such a large range of play times and it makes a huge difference to how often you can use the controller. Controllers with short use times of less than a day get annoying fairly quickly especially if they don’t have an auto-off feature to conserve battery usage.

We really loved the Power AMoga series that charged your phone whilst you played. They have a really impressive battery life of 40+ hours and if you play daily you’ll never need to plug your phone in to charge – just the controller.

Top 10 Android Controllers Ultimate Chart

PictureNameBattery LifePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBattery LifePriceRating (1-5)
1. BEBONCOOL Samsung Gear VR Controller Joypad8hrs$$$4.6
2. SteelSeries Stratus XL, Bluetooth Wireless40hrs$$$$4.4
3. GameSir G3s Bluetooth Wireless Controller18hrs$$$4.3
4. POWER A MOGA Pro Power45hrs, charges phone as you play$$$$4.1
5. POWER A MOGA Hero Power40 hrs, charges phone as you play$$$4.1
6. BEBONCOOL Upgraded Version Samsung Gear8hrs$$3.8
7. Sminiker Android Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad5hrs$$3.7
8. Ipega PG-9017S Wireless Bluetooth5hrs$$3.6
9. BD&A CMOGA Mobile Gaming System18hrs$3.3
10. IPEGA Classic Gamepad Joystick20hrs$$3.0

Buying Information

When it comes to buying the best android controller you really need to consider a few features other than how the controller looks and feels, although both of these are important they aren’t the be all and end all of android controllers.

  • Lightweight. Controllers need to be lightweight as you’ll be attaching your phone to them which already has some weight to it. But they should also balance out the weight of your phone for comfortable long term play.
  • Compatibility. If you’ve got an Xbox or a PS or a PC that you like to play games on as well, you might as well look for a controller that is compatible with these devices too.
  • Support Clip. Most controllers that are compatible with android come with a phone support clip, but it does pay to check before buying – never assume!
  • Battery Life. Yes it bears repeating, longer battery life is always best and you’ll enjoy your playing experience more when you don’t have to worry about running out of power during a game.

Top 3 Best Android Controller Reviews

1. BEBONCOOL Samsung Gear

This controller takes the top spot even though it has a relatively short battery life of just 8 hours. Samsung have spent a lot of time perfecting this controller and it’s clear to see in how well it functions during gameplay. All the buttons respond quickly, the controller is extremely comfortable in your hands and very lightweight.

There’s very little we can fault with this controller. It would have been very nice to see a longer battery time but then again that would have added to the weight of the controller and we really loved how lightweight it was.

There is an option for both a wireless and wired connection which helps get around the battery life issues, as once wired to your phone the controller can use your phones power supply. Although the draw is minimal, I still prefer longer battery times over a wired connection but this is a nice feature to have.

This controller is incredibly versatile, it can be used for Samsung virtual reality gear (hence the name), windows games and android. The phone clip is large enough to accommodate even very large phones with a stretch of 3 inches, it can easily fit a Samsung S6, S7, Note 5 and 7, and many other new phones.

2. SteelSeries Stratus

For a little more cash you can get significantly longer battery times than our top pick, up to 40 hours which is a huge increase in gameplay times. Charging a controller can be annoying especially since we’ve already got so many electronic devices to charge when we get home. Having the longer battery life really made a lot of difference with how much we played using this controller.

There was never any fear of it running out of batteries during gameplay and it still feels very light in the hands – we actually prefer a little bit more of a heavy weighted controller. Again we see a controller that has been thoroughly designed and there are absolutely no flaws in its functionality.

All the buttons work as they should, are very responsive and comfortable to use. The controller fits perfectly in our hands and is very comfortable even during long periods of gameplay. The wireless Bluetooth connection is just as responsive as major consoles and never let us down. The joysticks are well placed and all the buttons can be reconfigured and tweaked with the impressive customisation through the partner android app.

We really loved this controller and if you’re looking for one that has a longer battery life, with the choice of replaceable AA batteries you can even just switch out used batteries during long gameplay.

3. GameSir G3s

With a very sensitive and timely response you’ll always have the best gameplay experience with this controller, it really is the best android controller. With a battery life of 18 hours you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy lots of games between charges. And with multiplatform support you can use this controller with your PC, android and PS3.

The detachable mobile bracket fits devices up to 6” screen sizes and provides all the support you’ll need for comfortable gameplay. We absolutely loved the extremely soft and comfortable grip on this controller, it made for a very comfortable and enjoyable playing experience even during long bouts of gameplay.

The backlighting on the buttons is bright enough to visually see each button but not too bright to distract you from your game. Overall this is a great quality controller that is very well rounded and easy to use.

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