10 Best Cell Phone Boosters 2018

If you know the pain of having a bad cell phone signal in your home, apartment or office, then your frustrations will be completely eliminated with the usage of a cell phone signal booster. As with many electronic products, finding one that works well and is always reliable can be difficult.

The key to getting the best cell phone booster is to get one that you can rely on for your specific needs and one that has all of the right specs. This will help to ensure that it works perfectly when you need it to most.

Features to Consider

  • Capabilities. Cell phone boosters have been made to enhance the signal and therefore your ability to use your cell phone. It should be noted that these boosters cannot create a signal that isn’t there but rather can amplify an existing one, no matter how weak it may be.
  • Coverage Area. The coverage area that you get with a cell phone booster is the square footage that would be covered in perfect conditions. You should consider how far the booster claims it will reach and consider the layout of your home. The perfect conditions refer to having a strong external antenna and then also having no major obstacles for the internal antenna.
  • Signal Strength. The whole point of boosting your cell phone and its signal is so that you are better able to use the device when and where you need it. This means that the signal strength you can get from the best cell phone booster needs to be a serious improvement. This can be judged by looking at the signal bars.

While there is no official standard as to how these bars are displayed, it is generally accepted that each bar you see is at least 5 times the strength of the previous one. This means even having one more bar with a booster is worth it.

Top 10 Cell Phone Boosters Table

PictureNameCompatible ProvidersPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCompatible ProvidersPriceRating (1-5)
1. Cisco AT&T Microcell Wireless CellAT&T$$4.4
2. Wilson Electronics DT 4G - Cell Phone Signal BoosterAll US Networks$$$4.1
3. Wilson Electronics Dual Band Magnet Mount AntennaCellular, PCS, and iDEN$4.1
4. Signalbox 70dB High Gain 700mhzVerizon$$3.9
5. weBoost Home 4GAll US Networks$$$3.8
6. weBoost Connect 4GAll US Networks$$$$3.8
7. weBoost EQOAll US Networks$$3.8
8. zBoost ZB575-A TRIO SOHO Tri BandAT&T$$3.7
9. Phonetone Cell Phone Signal BoosterAT&T$3.6
10. zBoost YX300-PCS-CEL zPersonal Dual BandAll Major US Networks$$2.3

Cell Phone Boosters and Frequency

Not every cell phone booster works with every cell phone provider due to the different frequencies that the various companies use to provide their customers with cell phone service.

The best cell phone booster is the one that has been specifically designed for the frequency you need. The boosters that cover all carriers and frequencies are a good buy because you know they will work for your needs but the carrier-specific boosters might provide you with more power for the signal and coverage overall.

Top 3 Best Cell Phone Boosters Reviews

1. AT&T Microcell

One of the best things about the Cisco AT&T Microcell Wireless Cell Signal Booster Tower Antenna is the fact that it works to give users 5 bars of signal in most locations. This is also a booster that will work with any phone that you use on the network from Apple products to Androids and more.

It is easy to use and install this booster when you can literally plug it right into the router. From there you just have to go onto AT&T’s website to activate the device and you’re done.

You will be seriously amazed by how quickly you go from having a single bar provided by your local tower to full signal all over your home or commercial property. Your calls will sound better and you will actually have your phone ring. You will also experience having all of your texts delivered when you send them, not hours later.

2. Wilson DT

Whether you need your cell phone to work better for personal use in your home or need it to enhance the signal you get in your office, the Wilson Electronics – 460101 DT does not disappoint. It gives you a stronger signal and it improves the entire calling experience.

What makes this the best cell phone booster is the fact that it works with all major US cellular carriers or providers. Everyone in your home can have a contract with a different company and still experience the improved performance that is made possible by the booster.

This device is easy to install and operate. In fact, it has been proven to be even more user-friendly than many of the other options on the market today. It should be noted that this is not a device for customizing the frequency, but rather to gain more power with the existing signal.

3. Wilson Dual Band

The Wilson Electronics Dual Band is compatible with all cellular providers and also PCS and iDEN providers. This makes this produce one of the most comprehensive boosters available. The improvements to your signal and the data rate are more than worth investing in this device.

This is the kind of antenna that can be used in your home or your vehicle as long as it is set up correctly. It is a ground plane antenna, which means that in order to work, this device needs to be mounted onto a flat metal object. Once that requirement is met, however, the signal you get from this device is stellar.

This is a great device because you can also move it to wherever you need it even after it has been set up. This is a great feature for anyone that needs the boost in their home but also could use it in other locations, such as a vacation home or an RV.

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