6 Best FM Transmitters for Android 2018

The radio is great but being able to play your music directly from your phone using the vehicle’s speaker system is even better. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to have the best FM transmitter for Android.

Having this device will enhance how you listen to music in the car, but what should you be looking for when buying one?

To help answer that question, we have provided this comprehensive guide of the most important specs and details to consider. Using this guide as a tool will lead you to making the best purchase possible.

Aspects to Consider

Whether the FM transmitter is wireless or not can make a huge difference in how you use it. Here are the cases for each:

  • Wireless. The wireless transmitter means that you will have fewer cords and less clutter in your car. It also means that passengers that are sitting in the back can connect their devices to the transmitter when this wouldn’t have been possible with a cord.
  • Wired Plug. Having a solid wire connection means that you will never have the signal dropped or lose your music right in the middle of a song. This form of FM transmitter is more reliable but the cords are often short and limiting, as they can only be used by the driver and front seat passenger.
  • Expert Advice. For anyone that will be using the best FM transmitter for Android on his or her way to work alone, then the wired option is better. For anyone that has a large family or often travels in a group should opt for a Bluetooth device.

Top 6 FM Transmitters for Android Comparison

PictureNameConnectionPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameConnectionPriceRating (1-5)
1. VicTsing Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM TransmitterBluetooth$$$$4.5
2. AUKEY FM Transmitter, Radio Transmitter3.5mm Audio Plug$$4.3
3. SOWTECH Wireless Bluetooth Hands-FreeBluetooth$$$4.2
4. LDesign Universal Wireless Radio Transmitter Bluetooth$$$4.2
5. iClever Wireless FM Transmitter 3.5mm Audio Jack$$$$4.1
6. LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Adapter 3.5 Audio Jack$4.0

What Makes for a Good Android FM Transmitter

The transmitter that you chose should be able to easily connect your device to the sound system in your car, but it should also make your life easier in other ways too. Consider whether or not the transmitter has the following features:

  • An extra USB plug for charging a phone or MP3 player
  • A long connecting cord (if there is one)
  • A wide Bluetooth range of connection
  • A clear display screen
  • An easy set up
  • A maintained connection throughout multiple trips

The best FM transmitter for Android and the only ones that are worth the money have all or most of the added features listed above.

Top 3 Best FM Transmitter for Android Reviews

1. VicTsing

The VicTsing In-Car FM Transmitter is a device that lets you wirelessly connect your phone or MP3 to the car’s audio system. The connection is easy to figure out and put into action as you connect through Bluetooth.

One of the most unique things about this transmitter, in particular, is that it is on a flexible stand. It plugs in and then the ribbed metal hose lets you manipulate where the screen of the transmitter is.

This lets you or other passengers in the car see and use the device with ease. There are even two USB ports so that you can stay charged at all times. This is a huge advantage for anyone that will be using the transmitter in their car on road trips or other long journeys.


The Aukey Wireless FM Transmitter Kit is setup to be used with both Android and iOS devices. This is something that makes the entire device much more flexible than others that are available. Even though the cord can be somewhat limiting, everyone can use it regardless of his or her phone.

The screen is incredibly clear and the buttons for scanning the channels to find the right one are easy to use even if they need to be adjusted during driving. The extra USB port means that you can keep your phone charged while you drive or you can keep a GPS going.

This is the best FM transmitter for Android because it is so simple to use and reliable too.


The SOWTECH Wireless Hands-Free FM Transmitter operates with a Bluetooth connection between your Android device and the product itself. This is actually a transmitter with the best design that you will find on the market.

It plugs into the lighter port of the car, as is the norm for transmitters of this kind, but the controls and the screen are on a circular, magnetic, mounted screen.

The screen is clear and has buttons to change the frequency of the channel as well as accept and reject phone calls too. This design gives you more control over the music and your entire phone while you are driving.

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