6 Best iPad Styluses for Note Taking 2018

If you love taking notes on your iPad you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best iPad stylus for note taking. The best stylus will enable you to accurately record notes in a timely and efficient manner, and will feel even better than hand written copy. Here we evaluate our top 6 picks with a detailed review on the best 3 styluses.

Things to Consider

It doesn’t matter how precise your stylus tip is or how well made the stylus is – you’ll still get poor performance unless your screen is clean of grime. It pays dividends to thoroughly wipe and clean your touchscreen before attempting to use a stylus on it for sketching or even writing.

You’ll also want to wipe the tip of the stylus to ensure it is clean and remove any grit that may have got into the tip and could potentially scratch your screen.

A clean screen and stylus will ensure a great writing experience every time.

Top 6 iPad Styluses for Note Taking Chart

PictureNameBattery LifePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBattery LifePriceRating (1-5)
1. Dimples Excel Precision StylusNo charging$$4.7
2. MEKO(TM) by BaseTronicsNo charging$$4.4
3. amPen Hybrid 3-in-1 StylusNo charging$4.2
4. Lynktec Apex Fusion14hrs$$$$3.8
5. Salute Stylus Pen12hrs$$$3.4
6. Adonit Jot Script 220hrs$$$3.4

Buying Information

So you’re interested in buying the best iPad stylus for note taking. Well there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider and weigh up before making a purchase, here’s our take:

  • Replaceable Tips. There are many brands that have replaceable tips and when you’re using your stylus a lot you’ll need them!
  • Battery vs. Non-Powered. Battery styluses connect to your device via Bluetooth and convey touch pressure information to your device. This allows for a more detailed and realistic experience during writing. You’ll notice text becoming lighter and darker with varying pressures, as well as other features.
  • Hybrids. Allow you to write on an electronic device and also paper without needing to change pens. They can be very useful during lectures or if your device fails, runs out of battery or freezes during note taking.

Top 3 Best iPad Stylus for Note Taking Reviews

1. Dimples Excel

The precision that this stylus delivers is unbelievable, we were so impressed by it that we couldn’t stop testing it. It gets exactly where you want it every time, writing looks incredibly neat and natural – nothing like the stylus writing of yesteryear.

You can use this pen for graphic sketches, tiny note taking and everything else that you could do with the best ink-based pens on the market. This stylus has the best precision of all of the styluses we tested.

There is a clear silicon disc at the end of the tip that protects the screen from scratches but still allows it to recognise millimetre precise movements. The stylus is very elegantly designed and is made of solid aluminium with a well-placed rubber grip for finger support.

The simple, ergonomic design of this stylus makes it very easy to use for long periods of time and we noticed no hand fatigue or loss of control during extended use periods. The stylus is also universal and can be used with any touchpad device for onscreen writing. There are a host of apps that really make this stylus shine as well such as sketching and painting apps that allow you to do advanced shading and colouring.

We thoroughly loved this stylus and it is one of the best styluses on the market.


Again we see a very fine tip protected with a clear silicon disc to protect touchscreens and reduce shock and noise from vigorous usage. Precision is again extremely good and comes very close to the Dimples Excel stylus.

This stylus is again compatible across all touchscreens with the same functionality and app selection as the Dimples Excel. Again we see replaceable tips – something that keen stylus writers will know and love. And this stylus feels great in our hands. It’s lightweight, comfortable and well designed to mold to a natural grip.

Tips can be interchanged from thick to thin and allow various writing styles and functions – a feature you won’t get in lower quality gear.

3. amPen Hybrid

The ultrasensitive stylus provides plenty of precision without having to rely on precision tips which can break fairly easily due to their thinness. This stylus uses the traditional silicon ball for writing so it doesn’t have as precise a point as the rubber disc tips – but it will be more than enough for the casual note taker.

This is the only hybrid stylus we feature on our list as well, so it can also double as a normal ink-based pen. The tips are replaceable with one end featuring a more traditional pointer based style with a wider accuracy, and the other more ideal for writing tasks.

This is the best iPad stylus for note taking when you also want to take paper based notes too.

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