Best iPhone 5 Charger 2018

When you are looking for the best iPhone 5 charger, you will quickly find an endless selection of options in front of you. This alone can make the decision overwhelming before you even consider the specifics of the chargers themselves.

To help determine which is really the best charger for your needs, we have gathered the most important information and qualities to think about. This guide, along with some of the top rated chargers being bought and used today, will lead you to make the best purchase possible.

Things to Consider When Buying iPhone 5 Charger

Where will you be using your charger? This is the most important question in terms of which kind should be considered. There are advantages to each:

  • Car Charger. A car charger for your iPhone 5 is a must when you spend any amount of time in the car and also tend to drain your battery by spending a lot of time using the phone throughout the day. This is the kind of charger that can give you the boost you need to keep your phone going and allow you to multi-task.
  • Wall Plugs. These are the most common and often the most mobile charging option. Wall plugs are easy to bring with you on trips or just keep in your bag for emergencies when all you need to do is find an outlet to get the power you need.
  • Dock Station. This is the best iPhone 5 charger for anyone that grabs their phone in the morning and then likes to put it down when they get home again. The dock charger is highly recommended for anyone that uses the phone as an alarm as well. The dock will keep the phone charged so you never miss the alarm because of a dead phone. It also puts the phone in a more convenient place to just look up and see the time.
  • Cables. All of the charging options would be nothing without the cables to connect the iPhone to them. Getting cables that will reliably connect is a must but you should also consider the length of the cable also in relation to where they will be used.

Top iPhone 5 Chargers Comparison Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Anker Lightning Apple MFi CertifiedCable$4.6
2. Omni INC White Universal USB PortWall$$4.4
3. Anker Car Charger with 3ft Lightning Cable Car$$$$4.4
4. AmazonBasics Apple CertifiedCable$$4.3
5. BAVIER iPhone Desk ChargerDock$$$3.7
6. Rapid Charge by Zelta TradingCar$$$$3.4

Choosing a Good iPhone 5 Charger for Your Money

Once you have determined which kind of charger you need or if you would like one of each, you should ask the following questions about the device to see if it would suit your needs:

  • How Long Does It Take for the Charger to Completely Charge the iPhone 5? This is something that should not take longer than 3 hours with the charger that you choose. If you have a separate cable and charger then the quality of the cable should be high enough to sustain faster charging times.
  • Can the Charger Be Used with Other Devices? A good iPhone 5 charger is the one that can meet your needs in more ways than one. If the charger can also be used in conjunction with a Kindle charging cord or other Apple devices then that is always a bonus.

Top 3 Best iPhone 5 Chargers Reviews

1. Anker Lightning

The Anker iPhone Charger is a cable that comes in a variety of lengths and needs to be used with a USB connection, whether that means a wall or car charger.

This is an extremely flexible and durable cable that gives you a quick charge and looks great too as it comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

This is a good feature to make sure you can keep track of your charger in a household where everyone might have one too.

2. Omni INC

Having the Omni INC Power Adapter Home Wall Charger means having the best iPhone 5 charger to be plugged in throughout the house.

This is a plug that works with any USB cable, which means you do need to have the right iPhone 5 charging cable but once you have that, using this device is so simple and easy.

It even comes with little indents in the side of the charger so it is easy to plug in and pull out of the wall when you want to relocate.

3. Anker Car Charger

The Anker 12W Car Charger has been specifically designed for iPhone 5s and other new Apple products too.

This powerful little device is really compact and has a relatively short cord, which makes it perfect for the driver to have access without adding too much clutter.

One of the best things about this charger, in particular, is its rapid charging feature. It takes less time than other options to reach maximum power capacity.

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