Best iPhone 6s Charger 2018

If you’re in market for a new iPhone 6s charger you’ll want a lightning fast charger cable so your phone charges at the fastest speed possible. But you’ll also want a docking station to ensure your phone is well supported and easily accessible during the night and morning. Here we look at the best iPhone 6s Charger for you and evaluate our top 3 choices.

What to Consider

If you love Apple products you may want to consider buying a charging station that will suit many other Apple products such as the iPad, iPod and Siri Remote. If that’s the case then the RND charging station is our top pick for you. But if you’re just interested in charging your iPhone 6s you can’t go wrong with the MrPro Desk Charger.

Top Six iPhone 6s Chargers Chart

PictureNameCase suitabilityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCase suitabilityPriceRating (1-5)
1. MrPro Desk ChargerMost thin cases$$4.8
2. Ziku Aluminum Charging stand Station99% of cases$$$4.3
3. RND Apple Certified Dock Connector adjusts to suit all cases$$$3.9
4. BAVIER iPhone Desk Charger Dock Most thin cases$3.7
5. Stouch AluminumAll cases$$3.7
6. Antye Qi Wireless Charging Kit All cases$$$$3.2

Buying Information

When deciding between 6s chargers there are a few things you’ll want to consider to ensure you make the best buying decision possible. Here’s what we believe you’ll want to compare:

  • Colour. Yes it’s obvious but often overlooked when you’re buying products online. Make sure you select the colour that matches your phone or décor.
  • Case Suitability. This is a little less obvious and often rarely considered before a purchase. It can be painfully annoying to have to remove the case from your phone every time you want to charge it, so make sure you get a charger to match your case (or visa versa).
  • Lightning Cable. Yes there are still some chargers out there that are using the old generation charger cords. Make sure your charger is using an Apple certified lightning cable.
  • Apple Certified. There are a lot of cheap charging stations out there that do a poor job of charging your phone. Look for Apple MFi certification to ensure you’re buying a quality product that will work for your iPhone.

Top Three Best iPhone 6s Charger Reviews

1. MrPro

This is by far our favorite charge for the iPhone 6s, it is simply designed and has a minimal appearance that stays true to Apples design principles. The docking station provides plenty of support for your phone unlike other docking stations we reviewed.

It is a very convenient and easily portable dock that grips well to most surfaces and will stay in place on your bedside table. The MrPro charger uses the lightning fast charging cable and supports most of the thinner cases on the market.

Unfortunately that’s the major downfall of this charging station, in that it only supports cases up to 2mm in thickness. So many cases on the market today are larger than this, especially the shock absorbing ones that many iPhone 6s owners rely on to keep their phones safe.

2. Ziku

This docking station really showcases the iPhone 6s in all of its glory. It’s a simple design that is sturdy and provides plenty of support for your phone. It functions very well as a hands free device holder that can be moved to the kitchen or lounge room to for Skype calls and face time.

It can also double as an iPad stand, although the charger is not compatible for iPad. Case compatibility is great and this docking station suits almost all the popular cases that we tried it with. Once connected the device automatically syncs your iPhone to the iTunes library – a feature that we really loved. Your music always stays updated on your iPhone and MacBook.

3. RND

This is the only docking station that we tested that fit all of the cases on the market. Rugged cases even fit on this well designed dock. The connector easily adjusts to accommodate varies case sizes which is a great feature.

The docking station can be used for your iPad, iPhone and iPod for ultrafast charging through the lightning cable connector. With a very long cable this is a great docking station for the bedroom. The cable comes with 6 feet of length making it very easy to plug into far reached wall sockets.

This docking station has the highest compatibility of all the stations we tested and will suit iPhone SE, 5S, 5C, 5, 6S Plus, 6S, 6, 6 Plus, 7 Plus and 7. As well as suiting iPad Mini, Air and iPod Touch, Nano and Siri Remote.

It’s a great all in one charger for apple products and is very well made and incredibly well designed. The quality, look and feel of this product perfectly complements all of Apples latest devices. This is the best iPhone 6s Charger we reviewed for compatibility.