Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S5 of 2018

If you’ve just bought a new Galaxy S5 or had one of your screens recently replaced then you’ll probably want to consider getting a screen protector for your phone. The best screen protectors will protect your screen from scratches and also offer shock protection from occasional drops. The best screen protector for Galaxy S5 is long lasting and easy to install and replace when needed.

Things to Consider When Buying

Screen protectors used to be hard to install. They were flexible, sticky and bubbles often appeared during installation. Thankfully that is all a thing of the past with the new generation protectors which have stiffer, less sticky surfaces that snap onto screens rather than stick on.

You’ll want to make sure you thoroughly clean your phones screen before installing any protector. Any dust or grime that is left on your phones screen will be forever trapped under the protector if you install it without cleaning first. And it’s not as easy as just removing the protector to clean it – the protector will be dirty and need replacing as well. So clean the screen and triple check before attempting installation.

Top 6 Screen Protectors for Galaxy S5 List

PictureNameProtectors in PackPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameProtectors in PackPriceRating (1-5)
1. OMOTON Galaxy S5 Screen Protector2$$$4.8
2. Tech Armor Premium Ballistic1$$$$4.6
3. Poweradd Tempered Glass Screen Protector 1$$4.3
4. JETech® Premium 1$4.3
5. EMPIRE MPERO Collection 5$4.3
6. Tech Armor Anti-Glare/Anti-Fingerprint 3$$4.3

Buying Information

When it comes to choosing the best screen protector for galaxy s5 phones there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider.

  • Protector Material. There are several different types of protectors on the market. The best protectors are made from tempered or ballistics grade materials.
  • Packs. A good screen protector will last a number of years so most manufacturers only include one per package. Cheaper lower quality protectors generally have multiple protectors per pack as they don’t last as long as high quality ones.
  • Cleaning. Protectors should come with cleaning cloths and substances to ensure your phones screen is thoroughly clean before installation.

3 Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S5 Reviews


With 9H hardness this screen protector is incredibly scratch resistant – much more than the stock screen on the phone. It will protect your phones screen from unwanted scuffs, scratches and dents from being in your pocket with a pocket knife, keys or coins.

The highly sensitive and responsive material used in the screen ensures maximum resolution from your phone. The screen on your phone is 3H hardness so this screen protector will essentially make your phone 3x less likely to have a cracked or scratched screen.

With less than 1% change in the light transmitted from the screen you’ll quickly forget you ever installed a screen protector in the first place. Touch sensitivity is unaffected and your phone will remain just as responsive as ever.

Water and oil can be wiped from the screen with ease and rarely leave a streak mark. We really loved how easy this screen was to clean and how much protection it offered our phone. The installation was very easy as well and covers the large flat surface of the screen (not the curved edges).

2. Tech Armor

With the ballistic screen protector in place your phones screen will be saved from accidental falls and protected from scratches and scuffs. A new screen can cost $150+ but if you drop your phone with a screen protector installed the phones screen will remain intact whilst the protector takes all the shock.

Tech Armor are the industry leaders in screen protection and offer a wide range of products for protecting screens on all sorts of devices. For the Galaxy S5 this is our favorite pick as it offers the most protection from shock.

We had no issues with any bubbles forming when we installed the screen. It snapped right onto the phones screen with ease and the screen wipe and which is included in the package worked great at removing dirt and grease from the screen.

3. Poweradd

This tempered glass screen offers great protection against scratches and scuffs as well as the occasional drop. Your screen will always look brand new when it is protected by the Poweradd Tempered Glass.

This is an exceptionally high quality protector made in Japan. The materials used ensure high sensitivity is maintained with the screen and the resolution is unaffected. Again we see a seamless, bubble-free installation as the protector snaps quickly to the screen. This is achieved using electrostatic absorption technology which snaps the protector to the screen.

Again we see a level 9H hardness which is 3 times that of the original screen. Fingerprints rarely appear on the screen and the screen is easily kept clean and oil free with a quick once over with a cloth.

It’s clear to see that the best screen protector for Galaxy S5 will have ease of installation, cleaning and maximum protection for your device. And this protector certainly meets all of those requirements.

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