10 Best Stylus for iPad Air 2017

Using a stylus might be something that you are considering because of the precision they offer or because they can make navigating an iPad easier.

For whatever reason you are seeking the best stylus for iPad Air, you, of course, want to get the one that meets your needs and will be well worth your money. This can be difficult when there are many different features to consider of such a small tool.

To make sure you don’t waste any time going through all the details, we have gathered the most important specs and the ones that will have the biggest impact on your user experience.

The Most Important Features

The specs that deserve the most time and attention to ensure you get the best stylus for iPad Air is the weight and the nibs:

  • Weight. The stylus needs to feel comfortable in your hand and needs to be balanced in order for the strokes to be recorded as you intend. The weight of the stylus is most important when it is being used with specific apps that require you to have your hand hovering above the screen to ensure it does not interfere with the work of the nib.
  • Nibs. Nibs come in different shapes, sizes and textures. Much of this depends on the purpose for which you will be using the stylus but there are a few guidelines to follow. The size and the shape are all up to you in terms of what you would like to draw or control. The texture, however, will have more of an effect.
    • Rubber. These provide more friction on the screen, which is better for steadying the hand but not for quick writing.
    • Fabric. Fabric nibs also provide more friction but they can often be too squishy and therefore lose accuracy.
    • Plastic. These are smoother and let you work more fluidly but they can make a potentially annoying plastic to glass tapping sound as you work.

Top 10 Stylus for iPad Air Chart

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
1. amPen Hybrid Stylus for iPadRemovable/replaceable hybrid tip.$4.5
2. Fenix Stylus Pen by BastexMicro Knit fiber tipped stylus.$4.5
3. Dagi P701 Stylus Touch PenTransparent plastic disk for easier stylus gliding.$$4.3
4. Bargains Depot by BaseTronics100% compatible with all touch screen devices.$4.2
5. amPen® Stylus Retractable Fine Point DiskRetractable plastic stylus tip.$4.1
6. H&T Second Generation Super sensitive stylus tip for all devices.$3.9
7. Kamor® Ultra-sensitive Dual-Purpose Gel pen and stylus combo.$3.8
8. Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus Stylus connects to each app individually.$$3.7
9. The Joy Factory Pinpoint Precision Electromagnetic field around the stylus tip.$$$$3.5
10. Adonit Jot Script 2 Rechargeable internal battery.$$$3.5

Getting the Perfect Stylus for iPad Air

  • Purpose. A stylus is either used for all-round ease, sketching and drawing or for writing. The reason you are choosing a stylus will effect which ones will be useful to you.

The ones that are best for writing have smaller and more precise nibs that are made of plastic to ensure that smooth and quick writing is possible.

Sketching and overall use are better suited for larger rubber nibs that have great balance. This allows you to see your work better though it might be less precise.

  • Stylus or More? Higher end stylus options will come for the one purpose of letting you draw or write more easily on your iPad Air, but there are styluses that come with a ballpoint pen on the other end or some even have a paintbrush-like tip. The best stylus for iPad Air is the one that has more of the tools you need in one.

Top 3 Best Stylus for iPad Air Reviews

1. amPen Hybrid

The amPen Hybrid Stylus has been specifically designed to be as responsive and as sensitive as your fingertips. This is done by using the latest technology. It is also something that helps with precision as you use this tool with your iPad.

As this pen is so great, it is perfect that the nibs can come off and be replaced easily rather than having to throw the entire thing away and starting again. The nib itself is made of a combination of rubber and a conductive fiber to give you the steadiness without the drag of rubber.

Being compatible with many devices is also a huge draw for anyone that might be working on more than one or need to share the stylus with the family too.

2. Fenix

The Fenix Stylus Pen looks and feels exactly as a normal ballpoint pen would. The tip is made of a micro-knit fiber that lets the nib glide across the screen without leaving streaks or residue behind.

This is the best stylus for iPad Air overall because it gives you the sensitivity and traction that you want without being overly specific or overly expensive. This is not a good stylus for precision drawing but for general notes and browsing, you can’t go wrong.

This stylus has been solidly made so it has great balance in your hand while you work. This also means that it won’t break and isn’t too delicate when you are bringing it with you all the time.

3. Dagi P701

The Dagi P701 Stylus Touch Pen is one that has a transparent plastic disc on the tip that is coated so that it will glide easily without leaving any scratch marks. The disc is more durable than other nib materials and this stylus actually comes with a spare as well as extra protective films.

This is an incredibly accurate stylus that will work really well for taking notes. This stylus will turn any iPad Air into a student’s dream as they can write quickly during class and then go back and organize everything better afterward.

In terms of weight and how good this stylus feels in the hand, it is really on point. Everyone will have their preferences about how the stylus should feel but this one seems to be well suited for everyone.

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