6 Best Tablets for Seniors 2018

If you’re interested in buying the best tablet for seniors then there are certainly some great options out there for you. Here we take an in-depth look at our top six picks for the mature-aged users and go into a detailed review on our top three favorites.

Things to Consider

When you’re considering a tablet for a senior there are certain features that you’ll need to consider over others. One of the most important things is screen size because seniors generally have impaired hand movements and poor eye sight. A large screen with magnified graphics can make a usually frustrating experience very enjoyable.

Top 6 Tablets for Seniors Table

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Apple iPad Air 2 MH0W2LL/A 16GB, 10” display$$$$4.7
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 16GB, 8” display$4.5
3. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet16GB, 10.1” display$$$4.1
4. Lenovo TAB2 A10 ZA000001US 16GB, 10.1” display$$4.1
5. Viking Pro RCA 10 RCT6303W87DK 32GB, 10.1” display$4.0
6. KingPad K90 8GB, 9” display$3.8

Buying Information

When it comes to the right tablet for seniors there are a few key considerations you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure ease of use.

  • Large Displays. Ideally 9-10”, although some 8” tablets like the Galaxy Tab A, manage to sneak in with impressively clear and easy to use interfaces.
  • Kid Mode. Seniors are usually spending lots of time with their grandkids so it makes sense to have a tablet that they can quickly switch over to a kid-friendly version when grandma gets the inevitable question “Can I play on your tablet?”
  • Battery Life. Long battery life is ideal. Seniors have a lot of spare time and the tablet will get a lot of use throughout the day, so a long battery time of 8+ hours is a must!
  • Durability. Sometimes things slip through our hands and this is even more common as we get older and our reflexes slow, so a tablet with a durable case is really a must have for seniors. We like solid metal backs for the sturdiness, but you’ll also want to get a drop-proof cover just in case!
  • Interface. If it’s too complicated, seniors won’t use it. The interface or operating system has to be very simple and intuitive. Complicated, multilevel procedures to do simple tasks may be ok for younger users, but older users just want something easy to use.

Top 3 Best Tablet for Seniors Reviews

1. iPad Air 2

Apple are well known for being a user focused electronics provider, their products are very easy to use and intuitive. The iPad Air 2 is one of my favorites in their latest generation of products. It’s extremely lightweight, compact and incredibly comfortable to handle.

Equipped with an impressively powerful processor and Apples flawless OS, this tablet will never let you down and always outperform your every expectation. The Apple OS has a very efficient battery usage and draws almost nothing when in sleep mode, giving this tablet a seemingly endless 10 hour battery life.

The 8MP camera will take great quality photos of the garden and the grandkids too. And with 16GB of internal storage, grandma and grandpa will be able to store all of their favorite images to share with friends and family.

2. Galaxy Tab A

Samsung are quickly chasing Apple and the Galaxy series has been incredibly successful. And it’s easy to see why, the cost of a very similar model as the Air 2 is almost half. Although the screen size is the smallest of all the tablets we’ve listed galaxy has a great on board magnification feature that can make icons appear larger.

We found the performance of this tablet to be great, and the image quality was superb. The camera however wasn’t as impressive as that found on the Apple Air 2, with only 5 MP instead of 8. Again we see a rock hard back-plate made entirely of titanium. This not only looks and feels great, but will protect your tablet from the occasional fall. The handy kids-mode is also a great feature for when the grandkids want to play with grandmas tablet.

3. Amazon Fire

Wow. When I first picked this tablet up I could instantly tell it was going to place very highly in our list. The 10.1 inch display is HUGE, yet this tablet is incredible small and lightweight. The all-metal backing feels great to touch and is fully aluminium, which keeps things light.

The screen has over 1 million pixels and is crystal clear, even in poor lighting conditions. Again we see the fast quad-core processor and another 5MP camera. Built-in storage is as high as 64GB and a MicroSD slot is available should you need another 128GB.

There’s plenty of battery life even with continuous use, this tablet will last upwards of 8 hours. Perfectly engineered by Amazon this is really the best tablet for seniors. This tablet is designed with entertainment in mind, and we thoroughly enjoyed using it.

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