10 Best Tablets Under $100 of 2018

If  you’re looking for the best tablet under $100 you certainly don’t need to skimp out on features. Even at this affordable price range these microcomputers pack a punch and can handle everything you throw at them. Here we compare our top 10 picks and go into detail with our favorite 5.

Things to Consider

When buying a tablet you need to consider whether you will need to use it in areas without WiFi, this will indicate whether you need a tablet with a MicroSIM card slot or not. Tablets without a MicroSIM slot are considerably cheaper as they don’t need all the hardware for 4G roaming.

WiFi only tablets will be limited in their ability to be used in non-WiFi areas, and may seem like an OK option to begin with, but will quickly become annoying. Of course this is only an issue if you need to use the internet regularly, and with todays every increasing need for internet connections MicroSIM enabled tablets are almost a necessity.

Top 10 Tablets Under $100 Ultimate Chart

PictureNameFeaturesRating (1-5)
PictureNameFeaturesRating (1-5)
1. Fire HD 6 Tablet8GB, 6” display4.3
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite8GB, 7” display4.3
3. NeuTab N7S Pro 7-Inch 8GB Tablet 8GB, 7” display4.3
4. NPOLE Tablet Android Quad Core16GB, 7” display4.2
5. Amazon Fire Tablet8GB, 7” display4.2
6. RCA RCT6303W87DK32GB, 10” display4.0
7. KingPad K908GB, 9” display3.8
8. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus8GB, 7” display3.7
9. Chromo Inc 7" Tablet4GB, 7” display3.3
10. Alldaymall A88X8GB, 7” display3.3

Buying Information

When it comes to buying a great low cost tablet, there are certain features that you should never over look. Let’s jump right into them now:

  • Internal Storage. Most tablets come with 8GB minimum which is more than enough to store documents and a few photos before syncing them to the cloud. Although heavy users will be better off with 16 or 32GB models.
  • Additional Storage. MicroSD and MicroTD slots enable users to add in lots of extra storage space, usually up to 128GB allowing more photos and videos to be stored internally. Additional storage is a little slower to access than built- in storage but is certainly faster than relying on WiFi to connect to cloud storage.
  • WiFi and 3G. If you will be using your tablet inside buildings or in locations with WiFi, then you won’t need a SIM card slot on your tablet. But for users who really want to use their tablets on the go, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got 3G access, so you can access you data anywhere.
  • Screen Size. 7 inches is the standard size for most tablets. We prefer the smaller 6 inch display, but depending on what you’ll use the tablet for you might want a larger display of 10 or more inches.
  • Battery Life. You’ll want a tablet that has at least 5 hours battery life, we prefer a minimum of 8 hours. Short battery life can be annoying and seriously limit how often you use your tablet. Most modern tablets last for a full 8 hours of continuous use, and have very little drawdown when not in use.

Top 5 Best Tablets Under $100 Reviews

1. Fire HD 6

This is by far the best value tablet we came across in our reviews. Amazon have really pulled out all stops with the Fire tablet series and the HD 6 is a stand out among several great models. The Fire HD 6 is extremely lightweight and versatile. It is more compact than some of the other tablets we compared – which have seven and nine inch displays.

The screen is great and definitely delivers a high quality image in high definition, although there are other tablets out there with better screens if that’s all you want. The 6 inch display feels very comfortable in your hand and will feel like a slightly oversized smartphone rather than a tablet.

Amazon have made a name for themselves in delivering great quality products that perform really well and are exactly what consumers want. The Kindle is a great example of this and has been a long standing success for Amazon, and is now superseded by another great product the Fire tablet series. And the Fire HD 6 is the best tablet under $100 that we reviewed.

2. Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung are the leaders in personal electrics so it’s no wonder that one of their high quality offerings placed highly in our list. The Galaxy series has been incredibly successful both as a smart phone and a tablet. Unlike many other tablets the galaxy tab 3 doesn’t get warm from extended periods of use, making it a very comfortable tablet to use over long periods.

This tablet is incredibly slim, it’s surprising how much of a punch can be packed into such a small unit. The 7 inch display is perfectly sized to fit in your hands comfortably and is still large enough for all of your needs.

With 8 hours battery life this tablet will last more than most and will give you hours of entertainment. We found it to be incredibly efficient in its power usage and it outshined most of the other tablets we compared in terms of battery life for intensive activities.

3. NeuTab N7S Pro

Featuring a quad-core processor and 1 GB of ram this tablet is very powerful and we really loved how well it performed whilst we were playing games. Movie and music playback was seamless and a really enjoyable experience on this tablet.

The display is high definition with very rich colors and crispness. The brightness was more than enough for all the environments we tested it in and it was very easy to read texts and browse the web.

With a solid metal casted backplate this tablet feels very sturdy and not flimsy at all. There is a very clean and simple design to this tablet which we absolutely love.


With double the internal storage space than most of the other tablets we reviewed, this a great semi-offline tablet. Whereas other tablets rely on a WiFi connection to sync and store date online, this tablet has twice the capacity and can easily store all of your documents and photos.

You can also increase the storage by another 32GB with the MicroTD slot, but we didn’t see any need to do this unless you’re storing loads of photos and videos. This tablet is very fast and responsive with a quad-core processor, we had no lag during any of our multi-app tests.

The one downside to this otherwise great tablet, is that it is not compatible with the Instagram App, which will be an immediate put off for younger users. The screen has great coloration and brightness, with images appearing crisp and text easily readable. Battery life is a little less than other tablets coming in around 5-7 hours. But otherwise this is a great low cost tablet that will suit most casual users.

5. Amazon Fire

A little older than the Fire HD 6 and with a slightly larger display at 7 inches, this tablet is still great value and packs most of the features you’ll find in our top pick. Again we see an ultrafast quad-core processor which never let us down in any of our tests.

Amazons exclusive “Amazon Underground” deals are also available on the Fire Tab and give you access to a world of game bonuses and unlocked levels that are only available through the Fire Tab range.

Again we see a choice between 8GB and 16GB storage with the option of adding up to 128GB in storage via a MicroSD slot. Battery life is similar to our top pick, although slightly less due to the larger screen size – still coming in at 7 hours for mixed use.

We found all the tablets in the Amazon Fire series to be the best tablet for under $100.

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