10 Best Tablets Under $200 of 2018

Choosing a new technology tool is never easy, and the same can be said when it comes to choosing a new tablet. There are many things to consider, from technicalities and specifications to budgeting and design.

With these requirements in mind, let’s scour the market and try to find the best tablet under $200 as the working sum, although you should allow a couple of Hamiltons up or down when planning the budget.

That being said, perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself before buying a new tablet is for what are you going to be using it? To better understand the needs your new tablet should cover, we’ve made a few categories regarding that question.

Types of Tablets

  • Home Tablet. These tablets are usually made for general use, such as web browsing, listening to music, emailing and similar. You probably won’t have to go with the high-end option, if you have these rather minimal needs.
  • Work Tablet. Tablets are great at serving as a backup for laptops, or even its travel replacement, which is exactly why it’s understandable if you want to “go big” with a tablet that’s going to be primarily used for work. However, depending on the specific job needs, this doesn’t have to mean that you’ll have to spend a ton of money on this kind of machine.
  • Gaming Tablet. Gaming tablets are the ones that are going to focus the most on performance specifications. It’s also imperative for those to have a more than decent display quality.
  • Media Tablet. These tablets are primarily going to be used for watching TV shows, Movies and often Social Media. Display quality, as well as speaker quality, is going to be the primary focus for these tablets.

Due to extensive competition and the sheer volume of products out there, it’s not easy to find a good fit for your needs, which is why we’ve conducted thorough research in order to find the best tablet under $200.

Top 10 Tablets Under $200 Comparison Chart

PictureNameRating (1-5)
PictureNameRating (1-5)
1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.14.5
2. Fusion5 108 Octa Core Android 5.14.5
3. Nook HD 7" 8GB Tablet4.5
4. Fire HD 7 Tablet4.3
5. NeuTab® K1 10.1 Inch4.3
6. Lenovo IdeaTab4.3
7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 44.3
8. LG LGV LGV4004.1
9. ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-LB4.0
10. Fire HD 8 Tablet4.0

Top 5 Best Tablets Under $200 Reviews

1. Galaxy Tab A

As expected from one of the leaders in the industry, Samsung yet again delivers the full package – the Galaxy TabA 10.1-inch tablet is a beast when it comes to versatility, but where it really shines is, very aptly, when it comes to its screen performance and amazing battery life.

The specs look something like this, if you want the crunch:

  • 1. 6 GHz Exynos 7870 Octa-Core Processor
  • OS: Android Marshmallow
  • 2GB of RAM + 16GB
  • 1″ WUXGA Display
  • Built-in 802.11a/b/g/n/AC Wi-Fi
  • 8MP Rear Camera + 2MP Front Camera
  • Battery Non-removable Li-Ion 7300 mAh

Now, when it comes to fluff, here’s what people might like best about this puppy –its powerful ExynosOcta-Core processor guarantees smooth performance; coupled with the Android Marshmallow OS, the Galaxy TabAcomes off as a mean multitasking monster.

The tablet also sports a set of speakers that are quite loud, and in the days when boomboxes have become obsolete, it stands as a good substitute. On the other hand, the cameras seem sort of anemic, but they’re still more than adequate for taking pictures, just don’t expect National Geographic to use them anytime soon.

All in all, if you plan on watching movies, reading books, streaming media, surfing the interwebz or what have you, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch tablet will not leave you wanting – it’s the perfect tool for your Average Jane or Joe.

2. Fusion5 108

This tablet coming from Fusion 5 kitchen can be rightfully categorized as a real top-notch performance machine, and it has the following specifications:

  • CPU A83T
  • Cortex-A7, Octacore, 1.8GHz GPU
  • Display 10.6-inch TFT LCD Resolution 1366*768 Pixels
  • RAM 2GB DDR3
  • HD 16GB
  • OS Google Android 5.1
  • Front Camera 2.0MP, Rear Camera 5.0MP
  • Battery 3.7V/7200mAh

Having great specifications, this tablet is primarily used for gaming and media purposes, which is further complimented by a 10.6-inch screen that is simply put remarkable.

High performance, octa core processor is sure to give you a smooth run at even the most demanding games out there, and since it has a great speaker, it’s also perfect for watching movies and TV shows, as well as listening to music.

With RAM memory of 2GB, this machine is well equipped to handle some of the serious applications that are usually work-related. If you pair it with a decent external keyboard, it can be a great replacement or backup for your laptop.

With great technical specs and a more than fair price tag, this portable machine is often regarded as one of the best bang for buck deals you could find anywhere, and in my modest opinion, it has every right to claim that prestigious title.

3. Nook HD

The Nook is not the best tablet under $200 you’ll find, but it does put up a good fight. Still, big as Barns & Noble are, they’re not the biggest kid in the tablet sandpit. For the barest of info, here’s the Nook HD 7-inch in a nutshell:

  • 1440 x 900-pixel resolution (243 pixels per inch)
  • Fully laminated screen with no air gaps
  • Up to 10.5 hours of reading
  • Up to 9 hours of video
  • Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
  • Expandable memory with microSD card
  • Battery

The Nook is designed to be light and comfortable, and the screen feels sharp and crisp. Thanks to its being fully laminated, the screen reduces glare and provides extra-wide viewing angles. Still, 8GB seems fairly low when it comes to storage, though the microSD card slot does take a portion of the sting.

Sure enough, the tablet comes with built-in WiFi, allowing you to access tons of movies, songs, books and much more, and while the Android 3.0 OS and 1GB RAM aren’t all too great for handling demanding games, they’re more than enough to give you a smooth viewing experience.

Bottom line, the Nook HD is the perfect tablet for cinema enthusiasts who like to take their  movies on the go, and at the current price, it’s also great bang for the buck.

4. Fire HD

Sporting a unique app store, this tablet is a real combo machine, as it has more than enough power to serve you as a primary media station. That being said, it will probably have some trouble getting the latest games to run smoothly, especially when you set them to the highest quality.

Nevertheless, it’s a great tablet that can handle everything from music and video to reading and social media. The unique optimized app store lets you explore millions of different titles in music, movies, books, etc.

The specifications are:

  • Quad-Core: 2 @ 1.5 GHz + 2 @ 1.2 GHz
  • RAM 1GB
  • HD 8 GB
  • 7-inch display, with 1280×800 Pixel resolution
  • 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera
  • Dolby Audio stereo speakers

In addition to the abovementioned, this tablet has a cool, new and improved design, and you have a choice of 6 different colors it can come by.

5. NeuTab® K1

This tablet is often marketed as “The ultimate multi-media experience” because of its great display, which is a perfect fit for HD movies, games or reading. The screen is multi-touch, which is really important if you’re using it for gaming or presentation related work. It has the following specifications:

  • MTK8127 Quad-Core,4 x 1.3 GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB HD
  • 1-inch multi-touch screen, 1024*600 Pixel resolution
  • HD dual camera
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop OS

The wide screen resolution of this tablet is what really makes it stand out from the crowd, and because of that characteristic, it excels as a gaming tablet, especially if we consider the fact that it has a multi-touch screen.

The downside to all these great perks related to gaming and media is the fact that the battery life is not that great since the wide and bright screen take up a considerable amount of power.

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