10 Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 2018

You will be able to enjoy using your devices much more knowing that the screen is completely protected. The best tempered glass screen protector is clear without interrupting the responsiveness of the phone device and can withstand scratches and damage so your phone is not directly affected.

This is something that all screen protectors should do but they are, however, not all equal. Rather than settling for a protector that isn’t suited for your device or one that is simply ineffective, follow this guide and have the peace of mind that your money has been well spent.

Important Features

  • Size and Shape. The best tempered glass screen protector is the one that has been specifically designed to suit your device and this is often easy to find. Knowing the dimensions you need, however, can also make the search easier.
  • Thickness. Having a thicker protector can mean added protection but it can also mean added weight to your device. There are ultra-thin protectors on the market that are just as effective as the larger options but they are slightly more expensive.
  • Smudges. There is nothing worse than getting a screen protector and then having that become even dirtier than the actual tempered glass would be. The protector you choose should be resistant to smudges and fingerprints so it looks smooth and clean at all times. This often comes in the form of an oil-resistant feature.
  • Anti-Scratch. In addition to keeping the oils from your hands away from the actual screen and the protector itself, the glass protector should also keep the device safe from scratches. Whether it gets put in a bag everyday with your car keys or endures the occasional drop, having anti-scratch technology as part of the protector is a must.
  • Reflection. You should be able to look at your device’s screen without excessive brightness or reflection whether you are inside or in the afternoon sun. Examine the screen protector you are choosing to ensure the reflection and glare issues have been remedied in some way. Many buyers neglect to do this and then have a miserable time trying to view their device in anything but the ideal lighting situation.

Top 10 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Table

PictureNameCompatibilityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCompatibilityPriceRating (1-5)
1. OMOTON Round Edge Anti-ScratchiPhone SE/5S/5C/5$$$4.8
2. Tech Armor Galaxy S5 Glass Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S5$$$$4.5
3. JETech Premium Galaxy S4 Screen ProtectorSamsung Galaxy S4$$4.5
4. Spigen Rounded Edge iPhone 6 Screen ProtectoriPhone 6/6S$$$4.4
5. amFilm iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen ProtectoriPhone 6S$$$4.4
6. UPPERCASE Premium Tempered GlassiPhone 5S/5/5C/SE$4.3
7. Ailun Screen ProtectoriPhone 5/5S/5C/SE$4.3
8. Maxboost iPhone 6 Screen ProtectoriPhone 6$$$4.0
9. iXCC 0.3mm Full Cover High DefinitioniPhone 6/6S$$$3.6
10. Karnotech REMAX Tempered GlassiPhone 6 Plus$$$$3.4

What Makes for a Good Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Easy installation makes all of the difference in the effectiveness and usefulness of a protector. It is, in fact, the difference between getting a high-quality product and wasting your time and money. The flexible plastic protectors require that the installer has a steady hand in order to lay it down perfectly on the screen.

The rigid protectors are easier to work with because they have been designed that way though they do run a higher risk of having trapped bubbles. Then there are the protectors that fall right into place and guarantee that there will not be any trapped air.

This is the best glass screen protector because it can also easily be moved around and adjusted until it is perfect without losing its ability to stick to the glass surface.

5 Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

1. OMOTON Round Edge

OMOTON 2.5D Round Edge 9H is a screen protector that you can buy, install and forget about. It is perfectly cut out for iPhone 5s of all kinds and covers as much of the screen as possible to ensure total protection.

One of the best features of this protector is the fact that the installation is easy. It has a totally bubble-free adhesive that means you can install it perfectly even for a first-timer.

There is also the impressive scratch resistance of the surface that really does stand up to the phone being carted around everywhere and not in the most gentle of ways.

For reliability and overall performance, you really can’t go wrong with this purchase. This is especially true when you see the low price. Screen protectors are not something that should necessarily be cheap considering the investment they are protecting but in this case, you don’t compromise anything for the lower price.

2. Tech Armor Premium Ballistic

The Tech Armor Premium Ballistic is one of the best glass screen protectors because it looks and feels awesome. You won’t get any bubbles when you try to install it and it is resistant to scratches and smudges so it will always look fresh too.

This protector is unique in that it also offers a level of drop and impact protection. The screen protector will actually absorb the fall or the drop so your phone stays intact while the protective screen would get sacrificed instead.

Another hugely appealing aspect of this protector is that using it does not compromise the touchscreen accuracy in any way. In fact, you will have the exact responsiveness that you would have if you didn’t have the protective layer on.

3. JETech Premium

The JETech Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector – 0820 is known for being able to resist even some of the deepest scratches. This is because the protector was made with a high hardness level that resists even the cuts of knives.

The protector has the perfect combination of strength and high transparency. You know that your phone is totally protected but also do not have any responsiveness or visuals compromised as a result.

Considering the high quality of this product, you will also get more than your money’s worth for the affordable cost. It is recommended that you are extremely careful about lining up this screen protector in the installation process to ensure that it is going to be as effective as possible.

4. Spigen Rounded Edge

When you have the Spigen glass screen protector in use, you will almost forget that it is actually there. It is designed to blend into the phone so that it can provide it with protection without becoming distracting in any way.

The first thing that you will notice about this protector is the ease of installation. There are no bubbles or residue to deal with. Just line it up and press it on and you will be good to go. Anyone can do a great job installing this protector, which is why it is one of the best.

The next thing you will notice as you use the protector in daily life and experience how it works is seeing how durable it really is. Whether you are super careful or are the kind of person that has the occasion drop, you will have peace of mind knowing that your phone is going to be ok.

5. amFilm

The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is one of the clearest protectors you will find. This is possible because it has been designed to be ultra-thin while maintaining nearly 100% transparency.

Even with the transparency, this is a great glass screen protector because it remains durable and ensures you have an uninterrupted operation. The touchscreen will be completely unaffected by the fact that you have such a reliable screen protector on the device.

This is a protector that would be considered at the higher end of the options available but this is for good reason. It meets all of the amazing performance expectations while also being a lot thinner and a lot easier to install.

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