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10 Best Smartphones Under $200 of 2018

When it comes to smartphones, we know who’s the best of the best, right? Samsung and Apple flagships are more than enough to make phone junkies’ jaws drop, but their cost is to par. These phones are the top dogs on the market and they cost a

10 Best Landline Phones 2018

Those of you who set out in search of the best landline phone probably need one. The rest of us, however, are wondering whether or not the even exist anymore! Of course they exist! However, the world of cell phones is gradually overtaking the world of landlines,

10 Best Flip Phones 2018

“A flip phone? Do these even exist anymore?” will probably be the first question after you tell someone that you own one. However, flip phones persist even in the smartphone-saturated market, and they seem to keep on coming. Indeed, the popularity of flip phones is on the

10 Best Rugged Smartphones 2018

No matter how good, beautiful and powerful smartphones become, there will still be a major flaw in most of them: they are too delicate. Yes, you may put on a case, but that still won’t save your smartphone if it falls too hard on the floor or

10 Best Cell Phone Boosters 2018

If you know the pain of having a bad cell phone signal in your home, apartment or office, then your frustrations will be completely eliminated with the usage of a cell phone signal booster. As with many electronic products, finding one that works well and is always

10 Most Durable Smartphones 2018

Does your job require you to spend a lot of time in the rugged outdoors? Are you tired of dropping your cell phone and having cracked screens? Did your last phone die because it got drenched in the rain? If “yes”, then you might consider buying something

10 Best Satellite Phones 2018

If you live in an isolated location or like to go on serious hiking adventures you really need to have the best satellite phone with you at all times. You never know when you’ll need to make an emergency call should things go wrong, and having a

6 Best Corded Phones 2018

If you’re looking for a corded phone to connect to your landline then there are still many great options in today’s largely mobile world. Although corded phones are a thing of the past for the majority of the younger generation, there are still plenty of us that

10 Best Cell Phones for Seniors 2018

Whether you have parents or grandparents in need of a cell phone or find yourself an elderly citizen looking for one, surely you are aware how tough it can be to find the right thing. When it comes to choosing the best cell phone for seniors, the